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ID:   063829

Effect of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on soil fertility and productivity of maize (zea mays l.) / Bhimappa K. Channal; K. K. Math 2013  Thesis
Bhimappa K. Channal Thesis
Edition M.Sc. (Agri)
Publication University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad: Dharwad, 2013.
Summary/Abstract ABSTRACT A field investigation on the effect of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on productivity and nutrient uptake by maize and soil fertility was carried out during kharif 2011. The experiment was laid out on Typic Haplustert in RBD with twelve treatments replicated thrice. The recommended dose of nutrients was given though organics [FYM, vermicompost (VC) and poultry manure (PM)] and chemical fertilizers. There was improvement in growth and yield contributing characters due to application of RDF with PM and it was on par with RDF + VC and RDF + FYM but significantly superior to other treatments. Combined application of organic manures and chemical fertilizers to supply recommended nutrients in 1:1 ratio along with recommended FYM improved growth and yield contributing characters and hence grain yield in maize over the treatments with the 100 per cent organics. The uptake of nutrients by maize increased significantly with incorporation of organic manures with RDF and the highest uptake was recorded in the treatment with PM. Similarly, uptake of nutrients in the treatments with organics and fertilizers each at 50 per cent level with recommended FYM also recorded higher uptake of these nutrients than RDF and the treatments with 100 per cent organics. Water holding capacity, organic carbon, available N, P, K, S and DTPA-extractable Cu, Fe, and Mn and activity of dehydrogenase enzyme in soil improved due to substitution of fertilizer N with organics and the extent of improvement was higher at 100 per cent level . The highest net returns was realized in RDF + PM treatment. The present investigation revealed that application of PM at 1.0 t ha-1 along with the recommended dose of chemical fertilizers increases the productivity of maize and improves soil fertility. Further, 50 per cent recommended dose of chemical fertilizers to maize can be substituted with organic manures without loosing appreciable quantity of yield.
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